Eps-1: 6 Greetings in Bahasa Indonesia

This post contains the more detailed explanation of Englinesian Podcast entitled “Introducing 6 Greetings in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)” which is already available on Google Podcast, iTunes, Spotify, and in your other podcast apps. Here are the greetings.

Greetings and Time Spoken

Greetings Salam In Sylllable Time
Good morning Selamat pagi Se-la-mat pa-gi 03.00 - 10.00
Good afternoon Selamat siang Se-la-mat si-yang 10.00 - 14.00
Good afternoon Selamat sore Se-la-mat so-re 14.00 - 17.30
- Selamat petang Se-la-mat pe-tang 17.30 - 18.30
Good evening Selamat malam Se-la-mat ma-lam 18.30 - 23.59
- Selamat dini hari Se-la-mat di-ni ha-ri 23.59 - 03.00

Familiarizing yourself with greetings in Bahasa Indonesia is important as you should use it at least in the beginning and in the ending of your conversation. If you want to know how each greeting is pronounced, just open your favourite podcast app and search “Englinesian” on the search bar. I suggest you to consult to this page while listening to the episode.
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