Englinesian is the term I use to refer to non-Indonesian who both learns and want to learn bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). This blog is maintained to provide written materials for listerners of Englinesian Podcast including transcripts and any other material that supports contents on Englinesian Podcast as well as Englinesian Vodcast on Youtube.

Englinesian is a Podcasting-Everywhere Channel

None of Englinesian Podcast episode is recorded in a super quiet studio with complicated recording gears. All episodes are recorded with portable interface in natural environment that is full of ambient noise which characterizes Englinesian Podcast with other podcast channels. I record the podcast everywhere - in the coffee shop, in car while driving or in a traffic, and even while riding my bike.

Englinesian’s Availability

Englinesian Podcast is currently available on various podcast applications available on iOS devices, Android devices, and PC/laptop through web browser. To find all episodes, you can just simply open your favorite podcast applications, write Englinesian Podcast on search bar, then hit/click enter. If you prefer using PC/laptop, you will need to open your favorite web browser, navigate to Google Search, then write Englinesian Podcast on search bar.

Englinesian’s Services

Contents available on this web are all free of charge. If you enjoy Englinesian Podcast as well as contents available on this domain, consider donating to help Englinesian Podcast covers cost productions so that the quality of the recording can be more enhanced. To support Englinesian’s works, visit Englinesian on buymeacoffee.com.

If you want to meet me virtually, you can join Englinesian’s group on Google Hangout.

Englinesian’s Paid Services

Englinesian sells ebooks as digital products to ease you in learning. Englinesian has a novel written in Bahasa Indonesia. It can literally stimulate your brain with Bahasa Indonesia. If you purchase Englinesian’s novel, you will get the audio which cannot be found anywhere - even in Englinesian Podcast. This is especially composed for you, Englinesians.

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