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Englinesian is headquartered in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia which is around 300KMs away from Toraja, South Sulawesi. For Englinesians outside Indonesia who want to buy Toraja coffee, Englinesian can send them for you.

Toraja coffee is one of the highest-quality coffee variants in Indonesia, which has been popular since years ago. The coffee is planted in Toraja and mainly in Enrekang, a district near Toraja in South Sulawesi.

Toraja coffee offers robusta and arabica, in which both offer fairly strong and unique taste. If you have ever tasted them, of course you would miss the taste on your tongue. By reading this page, you will soon taste them again as Englinesian will provide it especially for you. To know more about the taste of Toraja coffee, consult to webpages which discuss it.

For your information, Toraja coffee, which is also called as “The Queen of Coffee”, has been exported to Japan, United States, and Australia. In Japan, Toraja coffee is served as premium coffee for its taste and quality. It is planted in mountainous areas with an altitude of up to 1400 to 2100 meters above the sea level. You will soon know how it tastes as soon as you taste it.

Coffee you can buy will depend on your taste - whether it is in a form of coffee beans or ready-to-brew coffee. Both are available for you.

The price will not as expensive as what you can find on marketplaces that provide it online as Englinesian will buy the coffee directly from the coffee farmer in Toraja and Enrekang.

To buy Toraja coffee from Englinesian, send you request through email to I will redirect your request to a friend of mine who lives in Toraja. He will grab the coffee you request from the farmer and directly send your coffee to your country.

Thing to note is that you need to bear all the shipping costs as well as the taxes for your purchase. The shipping method will depend on your request.

Toraja Coffee Price Species Processing Weight
Toraja Robusta USD 20 Robusta Full wash 1000 grams
Toraja Arabica USD 20 Arabica Full Wash 1000 grams
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