Uber-like Apps that Will Take You Anywhere in Indonesia

In England, Uber dominates the online transportation market. In Indonesia, Uber has just merged with Grab, one of Uber-like online apps. Here are Uber-like apps that exist in Indonesia that will take you anywhere.

To get the app-based online transportation service, simply access applications provider on your device (App Store if you are an iOS user or Google Play Store if you own Android-based smartphone), type the name of the app you prefer as informed in the title below, download the app, register with email and/or phone number, set your delivery spot, and you are good to go.

The services will charge you based on type of vehicle you prefer (either car or motorbike) and the distance you will travel. The service will also charge you additional fee based on time of booking (nighttime is a little more expensive than daytime) and weather at the time you book the service (if it's raining, the price will be a little more expensive).


When you have ever been to Indonesia in the past 3 years (before 2020), you must have seen people with green-black helmet and jacket, also with green and black, milling about on the streets. If you have ever come across drivers with these characteristics, then most likely you have seen a Gojek driver.

Gojek is the biggest online transportation service that you can trust. The company is purely Indonesian company. The drivers are everywhere in Indonesia - in cities as well as in districts. It offers delivery of food (GoFood) and people with either car (GoCar) or motorbike (GoRide). Besides, it also has GoShop which allows you to choose items you want to buy from stores available on the app. All can be done in one application.


Based on the color labelled, Grab looks like Gojek at first glance. You will soon know the difference between the two right after you notice each in more detail. Grab is online transportation service from Malaysia (later the company moved to Singapore). Based on the features Grab offers, it is not much different from features offered by Gojek.


Maxim is labelled as predominantly bright yellow. As informed by several websites appeared on Google, Maxim is online transportation service from Russia. Its existence in Indonesia is just recently. As a newcomer, Maxim offers much more cheaper cost. However, its features are not as complete as Gojek and Grab. So far, Maxim only offers transportation service. The absence of food delivery service makes Maxim is less profitable.


Among all online transportation services which have been mentioned, inDriver becomes ‘the youngest’ service based on the time of operation. This service has just expanded Indonesia in 2020 and at the time this post is writing, inDriver is still promoting its service on social media.

As informed by websites appeared on Google, inDriver only offers car. This is the minus point of this service as it competes with other services which offer various services - motorbike, food delivery service, etc. Besides, inDriver is only available in several major cities in Indonesia.

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