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This blog is maintained especially for you who want to learn or interested to learn bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). All resources provided here are totally free. However, please consult to Englinesian's terms and conditions as well as Englinesian’s Privacy Policy to understand how you can use or contents and materials - either those you can find on this site or on our podcast channel.

This is the official page of Englinesian Podcast which has been available on various podcast applications. Enjoy our free lesson. For more detailed explanation of any particular topic you are interested with, feel free to contact me through Skype or WhatsApp. Topic request is also allowed.

How to Deal with Englinesian Contents

Englinesian is a term, stands for English learns Indonesian, which mainly on podcast. However, as required by the learners of bahasa Indonesia, Englinesian also provides a website that covers the written contents or materials.

To deal with contents as well as materials on https://www.englinesian.my.id/, you are suggested to refer to Englinesian Podcast. Contents on this web are adjusted with contents on Englinesian Podcast. However, in https://www.englinesian.my.id/, I provide some opinions as well as information which are not covered in podcast.

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Englinesian has just composed an eBook entitled “Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners”. The contents are written in English with some examples to ease you learning bahasa Indonesia. Click the following link to read the description of the ebook.

For a more advanced learner of Indonesian, Englinesian has a novel written in Bahasa Indonesia that can help you in familiarizing yourself with input of Bahasa Indonesia. The title of the novel is “Mahasiswa Abadi”. If you are interested to own a copy, drive yourself to buymeacoffee.com. 

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Englinesian is reachable on email (englinesian@gmail.com) and through Google Hangout. Feel free to contact Englinesian at your convenient time. The author stays in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia (GMT +8).
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