Kreuz: Cheaper But Great as Brompton

Do you dream of owning Brompton folding bike? Would you like to have a much more cheaper version of Brompton? Indonesia has Kreuz, a folding bicycle manufacturer that offers folding bikes at a cheaper price but with a quality like Brompton.

Kreuz is headquartered in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Its folding bike is hand-made so that it takes months or even years to get one.

In the interview, Kreuz’s founder states that Kreuz is the acronym of “kreasi orang Sunda” which means “creation of Sundanese”. Sundanese itself is a tribe in west Java - the province where Kreuz folding bike is made.

Kreuz suddenly became a public conversation since cycling became a trend in society. Thing that made Kreuz even more famous was that President Joko Widodo bought and showed off his Kreuz bicycle on Instagram. This is a good sign for Indonesia - that bikes made in Indonesia can compete with internationally-made folding bikes like Brompton.

Unfortunately, as Kreuz folding bike which is now on its popularity makes Kreuz will not be available till 2021. To get one, you will be put on a waiting list, you pay half the price of the folding bike, and wait the call of Kreuz that informs your bike is ready to be shipped to your address.

Then, how much should you pay to get Kreuz folding bike? Well, the price is only 3.000.000 rupiah. If you want the full-bike version, you will be charged 8.000.000 rupiah for that. But the owner suggests not buying the full-bike version for the flexibility in customizing the folding bike.

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