Health Insurance for Foreigners: Living in Indonesia

Health insurance might become an issue for foreigners who plan to live in Indonesia. It makes them think twice to live in Indonesia. As quoted on a website, it is stated that health insurance applies an annual maximum limit for the following:

  • Only cover hospitalization measures
  • Maximum number of days of treatment
  • Maximum limit of days for intensive care (ICU, NICU, etc.)
  • The total cost of the action
  • Territorial boundaries (country) where protection applies
  • Limits on the number of examinations by general practitioners and specialists and so forth

These limitations often become an obstacle for foreigners who work or live in Indonesia to have health insurance protection.

In 2019, Prudential Indonesia launched a health insurance product that provides the best and complete protection but at an affordable premium. In fact, this Prudential health insurance product breaks the maximum limits that are generally applicable in other health insurance. It is called the best and most comprehensive because it has 15 advantages that no other health insurance has. The 15 excellent features are:

  • Flexible in terms of category of ward room, and region (country) where the protection applies
  • It covers outpatient measures
  • It covers hospitalization without an annual limit
  • Risk claims that occur everywhere
  • Protection coverage throughout the world
  • Limit booster
  • Longest protection (up to 99 years of age)
  • It covers dialysis therapy and chemotherapy
  • It covers outpatient before and after surgery
  • More examinations by general practitioners and specialists
  • No Claim Bonus (You can get your bonus if there is no claim in one period)
  • It covers plastic surgery due to cancer and accidents
  • Reimbursement for vital organ transplant donors
  • Cashless On Bill
Note: Policies can change at any time without prior notice. These information is obtained in 2019. Visit the webpage or social media of the insurance company for more information.

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