Learning Indonesian through Audiobook

In nowadays era, you are enabled to learn any foreign language you want. The most preferred way of learning when native speaker is absent is through audiobook.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia through Audiobook

Before writing this content, I searched for audiobook service available on the internet. There are only some services that provide it and majority of them do not specifically composed and created to support foreigners in learning Bahasa Indonesia (the official language of Indonesia).

Learning through audiobook is great as it offers how Indonesian words are pronunced. You can take advantage of this by monitoring the written resource each time you focus listening on it. However, by considering the fact that audiobook is rare on the internet makes it difficult to learn from it.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia: Audiobook, Podcast, Youtube

Learning through podcast is the new way of learning Bahasa Indonesia - any language by the way. The good news is that listening to podcast is free. You will not be charged, even a dime, to listen to podcast episodes - except the cost of your internet package. You are also enabled to download any episode you want.

Podcast is getting more and more popular nowadays. Thanks to the simplicity that podcast offers - that the listeners need to do are simply open any podcast app on their smart-phone, search for a channel or episode, click play, and enjoy the episode. It is different with learning through Youtube that requires you to keep your phone screen on while learning - podcast offers the simpler way in learning. However, Youtube offers more diverse contents.

If you prefer to learn through podcast, there are abundant podcast channels on the internet that you can listen. One of them is Englinesian Podcast which is available on some major podcast applications such as iTunes, Google Podcast, Podbean, Spotify, and some more. Englinesian also provides written contents and materials which you can read 24/7. Besides, Englinesian also provides video contents - I name it ‘Englinesian Vodcast’ - that are available on Youtube.

Audiobook, podcast, and Youtube are all great media that you can utilize in mastering Bahasa Indonesia. They have been recognized and utilized by many people around the world to learn Bahasa Indonesia. You can choose one from the three or utilize all of them. 

If I am asked about which one is better, I would prefer podcast over youtube and audiobook. Podcast offers simpler method, it consumes lesser data than youtube while audiobook is rare on the internet. Even though you find it, it is not specifically made for foreigners. However, it all depends on your own preference in receiving input.

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