Learn Bahasa Indonesia through Youtube

Youtube is great for language learning as it can visualize the language being learned. Besides, it is also capable of delivering audio that enables language learners listen to how the language is used. If you learn Bahasa Indonesia through Youtube, will the result be more satisfactory than taking course with native speaker? Here are the pros and tricks to achieve the pros.


I started from a premise that no any foreign language learning method is perfect. Here are the pros of learning Bahasa Indonesia through Youtube. 

#1 Effectiveness

What foreign language learners really need is rich input. It is impossible for someone to be able to speak any foreign language without receiving any input of that foreign language. It is impossible to instinctively learn a foreign language - any language. 

Youtube, as stated previously, can give you visual as well as auditorial inputs which are great for foreign language learning. Therefore, in terms of effectiveness, Youtube has met the requirement as good medium of foreign language learning.

#2 Cost

Learning Bahasa Indonesia through Youtube will only charge you internet fees. Other than that, all is free. It is economically great for your financial. 

#3 Accuracy

Accuracy is a factor which is assessd in foreign language speaking course. The fact that Youtube can deliver both video and audio can be the starting point to determine its accuracy factor it offers.


In order to achieve all the pros mentioned, here are the tricks that you can apply.

#1 Formal, Less Formal, Informal?

It has previously been discussed in this web that not all Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia. Majority of Indonesians, if not all, speak their vernaculars. Sundanese speaks Bahasa Sunda, Javanese speaks Bahasa Jawa, Makassarese speaks Bahasa Makassar, Buginese speaks Bahasa Bugis, Torajanese speaks Bahasa Toraja. Here, Bahasa Indonesia acts as mediator that bridges them.

If your target is being able to speak formal Bahasa Indonesia, then find some Youtube channels that speak formal Bahasa Indonesia. You can mainly find this style on news channels. However, you will find no subtitle that helps you in understanding what the narrators speak. Some other good channels for formal Bahasa Indonesia are official channels of Indonesian government and formal discussion.

If your target is only to communicate with Indonesians, then you can try to find random channels on Youtube based on your target area. For example, if you want to be able to communicate with Torajanese, try to put some keywords about Toraja on Youtube. Your screen will display some random videos that offer 

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