Living in Makassar, South Sulawesi

If you are seeking for a city to live in Indonesia, read this post to know how it is like to live in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The People

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi. In English, the people of Makassar is called Makassarese. 

Makassar is a multicultural city which hosts many tribes. Makassar is not only inhabited by Makassarese but Buginese, Torajanese, Javanese, and many others people from other tribes.

The people are nice and warm to all people - even to people fro other countries. But do not assume that all people in Makassar are nice and warm.

The City of Makassar

The exact coordinates of the city of Makassar is at 5.1477 ° S, 119.4327 ° E. It is quite hot in this city - around 34° at noon and 27° at night. When you are in Makassar, make sure you have everything that can protect you from the sunburn.


The weather in Makassar is quite hot - above the average temperature of cities in Indonesia. It is around 32 to 35 degrees celcius at noon and above 27 degree celcius at night.

Airport and Port

The city of Makassar has an international airport named Bandara Sultan Hasanuddin (Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport). If you prefer to travel by ship or cruise ship, you will be anchored at Pelabuhan Soekarno-Hatta. Besides, Makassar also has Pelabuhan Makassar New Port.


There are many hotels in Makassar. You can choose from a five-star to budget hotel. The price range is at 200.000 rupiah to two million rupiah per-night.

The Traffic

Do not expect comfort from the traffic in Makassar. During rush hour, you will find traffic jams everywhere - whether it is on protocol roads or on alternative roads. Traffic jam is undeniable thing but it is not as bad as in Jakarta.

Historical Spot

Regarding the historical spots, Makassar does not host as much as what you can find in city or district in Jawa (Java). But of course Makassar hosts some. Benteng Rotterdam (Fort Rotterdam) and Benteng Somba Opu (Fort Somba Opu) are two of them. Benteng Rotterdam mainly hosts dutch colonial heritage objects while Benteng Somba Opu mainly hosts traditional houses from regions in Indonesia.


When you plan to bring some souvenirs indicating that you have ever been to Makassar, Makassar has shopping center for souvenirs at Jalan Somba Opu (Somba Opu street). Note, it is not at Benteng Somba Opu. The location is near Benteng Rotterdam (around 500 meters) and right on the east of Pantai Losari (Losari Beach).

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