Indonesian Culinary that You should Taste

Each country has its own characteristics of its culinary. Indonesian foods is famous for its strong spices. They are commonly spicy as well. Here are Indonesian culinary that you should taste. I guarantee that they will make you want to return to Indonesia once you leave Indonesia.

When you visit Indonesia, try to find one or all of the following Indonesian typical food and enjoy the deliciousness. Wherever you are in the territory of Indonesia, you can easily found these sold either on road side or in restaurant.

#1 Sate

Sate is made from grilled beef, lamb, chiken, or fish. It is commonly served with peanut sauce and eaten with rice. In Indonesia, sate is everywhere - you can easily found it sold on the road side and commonly sold by Madurese (people of Madura) and Javanese (people of Jawa). When you come to Indonesia and you want to taste sate, you will recognize that it looks like barbeque but they are cut into smaller pieces.

#2 Rendang

Rendang is originated from West Sumatera - the westernmost large island of Indonesia if you see it on the globe. Based on history, rendang has been around since 1550 or in the mid-16th century. This typical Indonesian food is famous for its distinctive spices with a very strong taste.

#3 Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng was once mentioned by President Obama in a video recording. That footage makes nasi goreng known to the world. Nasi goreng is simply made from cooked rice with garlic, shallots, chilies, and soy sauce.

#4 Coto

When you are in Makassar city, South Sulawesi, try to find coto and taste its deliciousness. Beef becomes the main ingredients of coto. It is served hot and can be found during the day to midnight. Before you order, make sure you mention parts you want - meat, liver, lungs or heart. You can also request mix of them. But some people prefer to request based on their preferred taste.

#5 Gado-gado

This food is the mix of vegetables, peanut sauce, and processed rice. This food is mainly found in Java, but since many Javanese wander out from Java, gado-gado can be found everywhere in Indonesia.

Beside those five food, there are much more that you should try. If you want to taste them without leaving your hometown, you can make it by your own through guide from book about “Indonesian culinary” that reveals authentic Indonesian recipes (note: I earn commission for your purchase on that page). Here are some of them.

  • Avacado Smoohies;
  • Balinese Style Chicken;
  • Duck Satay;
  • Beef with Coconut;
  • Fragrant Chili Sambal;
  • Pork Stewed with Potatoes;
  • Shrimp in Hot Coconut Sauce;
  • And many more

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