Sulawesi Barat after Earthquakes

For you who want to read this news in Indonesian, for you who are obligated to learn Indonesian, for you who enjoy learning Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia), enjoy the Indonesian version of this post on "Sulawesi Barat setelah Gempa Bumi".

Earthquake has just killed dozens of people in Sulawesi Barat (West Sulawesi), Indonesia. A series of earthquakes happened in just 2 days and they successfully destroyed everything on earth - government offices, hospitals, shopping center, and of course, homes. The most significant effects of the earthquakes are in Majene and Mamuju. The most up-to-dated news from there, thousands are now homeless.

The first earthquake rocked Sulawesi Barat in the afternoon with magnitudo of 5.9 (richter scale). Everyone was on alert due to the first earthquake. The second earthquake rocked Sulawesi Barat at midnight - around 2.30 local time - with magnitudo of 6.2 (richter scale). The second earthquake become the trigger for the destruction of everything there.

However, Indonesians are not a collection of whiny and spoiled people. We all remain strong with all limitations that exist. Right after the earthquake is announced and echoed in the news, the government responds it very quickly by sending food and clothing to the affected areas.

Thing we need right now is just some prayers from the world. In the near future of time, Sulawesi Barat will rise up - however the situation is.

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